The Artist Support Centre exists to help you navigate a clearer path through the creative art world.

peer support

personal support 

learning support

how we support you

‌a safe, friendly and supportive environment for you to discuss your thoughts and ideas with peers. 
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an intensive and thorough process enabling you to uncover your potential, find clarity and overcome any obstacles.
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sharpen your essential life and work skillsets to help better sustain your artistic career.‌
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'English as a Second Language' support helps you communicate your art practice to the English speaking world.

how we are different


every artist is different. There is no one-size-fits-all. We make understanding how you work as a creative individual our utmost priority.

grounded and truthful

we don't make assumptions or deceptive promises. We keep it simple and honest. We make sure you meet your own measures of what success is.

working from the inside out

we don't pointing out what you lack. We focus on what you already have, what you specifically need, and what is relevant for you.

a comprehensive approach

what happens to you as an artist impacts your daily life. We take a more holistic view and look at the areas where your practice and life cross-over.

artist tailored contents

we lean towards visual & audio information to help convey knowledge. It makes it digestible and easy to implement in your art practice & creative life.

​friendly and supportive

we create a friendly and supportive environment. One where you can feel at ease enough to share what really matters to you.


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Richenda Court
print maker

"They have a professional approach, prompt and honest offering guidance and moral support. There is always an honesty and warmth in the conversation and they do not shy away from discreetly challenging perceptions and choices."

with the right support, anything is possible

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