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the creative and rebellious spirit has made artists who they are and it's why they devote their life to creativity. By the same token, it has also led them to a path they walk on their own - a path of fulfilment but one that comes with challenges and issues unique to them.

in the past 7 years, our first-hand experience of working with artists has enabled us to gather a pool of real-life, unfiltered case studies of individual challenges; from how artists support/finance their practice to how they overcome any personal hurdles in their career. The mutual trust we’ve nurtured between artists and ourselves has allowed us to develop a unique holistic approach that is relevant and practical in its support for artists.

With love and passion for human creativity, we work to create a more empathetic and healthier arts community where more and more artists can be self-sustainable and content as creative individuals. 

The Artist Support Centre is your companion. We promise to be here to inspire you and to listen to you when you need a heart to heart.

about us



our mission is simple - to have more and more artists and creatives working as self-sustainable individuals.



to develop a brand new approach and methodology that creates impactful change in the lives of artists and creatives.



an informal, friendly, and uniquely holistic approach to supporting the artists' work and life, focusing on where practice and life cross-over.

our base


you can find us at The Muse Gallery on the Portobello Road in the heart of West London’s vibrant and creative local community.


269 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 1LR

meet our team


Samantha Y. Huang


founder & director


Amit R. Sharma




Mark Tamer


senior team member


Kieran Cook


team member


we are a female-founded organisation, with an ethnically and economically diverse team of artists and creatives that work across industries. Each team member is at a different stage in their career allowing us to have our finger on the pulse of the art world today - understanding the landscape for graduates, emerging and established artists.


We know what it's like to not conform and we have the lived experience of how being different has affected opportunities for us in the art world, and we've pushed through it all and are still here.

We are currently based at The Muse Gallery on Portobello Road in west London, and are part of the vibrant and creative local community. 



TASC was born from Samantha's personal experience as an international art student in London. It started as a self-reflective journey about about how to live and work as a Taiwanese artist after graduating from art school in London.

how we started

the seeds


back in 2015, the project was named “The Imaginary Studio", in the hope there could one day be a miraculous studio that provided everything an artist needed for every stage of their career. In 2021 summer, with a sharpened focus "IMA Studio" rebranded to “The Artist Support Centre”

why us?

we are here to collect and provide the alternative perspectives and share the creative and effective approaches possible for artists. We are not here to stroke egos, especially our own. We listen more than we talk, and we talk to you, not at you. We are, much like the artists we work with, in this for the long game.

for you from TASC


it takes courage to reach out for help, especially when you are still not sure what the problem might be, or what kind of help would be of real benefit. We would say reach out to those you can connect with, try to get as many perspectives as possible, and find the one that is in-line with your values and your practice.

how are we different



every artist is different. There is no one-size-fits-all. We make understanding how you work as a creative individual our utmost priority.

grounded and truthful


we don't make assumptions or deceptive promises. We keep it simple and honest. We make sure you meet your own measures of what success is.

working from the inside out


we don't point out what you lack. We focus on what you already have, what you specifically need, and what is relevant for you.

a comprehensive approach


what happens to you as an artist impacts your daily life. We take a more holistic view and look at the areas where your practice and life cross-over.

digestible contents


we lean towards visual & audio information to help convey knowledge. It makes it digestible and easy to implement in your art practice & creative life.

​friendly and supportive


we create a friendly and supportive environment. One where you can feel at ease enough to share what really matters to you.


The Muse Gallery | Studio


London, UK

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sharing your artist journey?


if you are an artist who’d like to share your art practice for the benefit of others; such as giving an artist talk, leading a workshop, or hosting a studio visit, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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